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Our Strategy

Our Strategy



We focus on acquiring class B and C multi-family apartments with value-add opportunities located in strong performing markets of Texas and Oklahoma.  



We partner with an experienced Property Manager to make strategic upgrades and improve operational efficiency in order to increase the quality of the property and maximize profits.  



Once the value-add activities are completed, the operating income will increase providing higher cash flow for investors. Our team will use this opportunity to consider refinancing the asset in order to bring even higher cash flow to investors.  



After the property is stabilized and the cash flow opportunity has been maximized (appx. 3-7 years), we will sell the property and distribute returns in a lump sum.   

Renovated Building

Invest with Us

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Renovated Building

Invest with Us

If you'd like to learn more, please complete the form below to speak with us.

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What is the expected cash on cash return?*


What is the expected IRR?*


How often is cash flow distributed to investors?*


What is the average holding period of the investment?*

3-7 years 

What type of of assets does Apogee invests in?

Class C & B apartments with value-add opportunities

What are Apogee's target markets?

Strong performing markets in Texas & Oklahoma 

Who can invest?*

Accredited investors and sophisticated investors with a substantive relationship.

What is the minimum required investment?*

Typically $50,000 is the minimum investment

*Answers to these questions vary depending on the deal. Detailed information on the specific deal opportunity will be shared with qualified investors.  

How many investors are usually in the deal?*


What is your experience in multifamily investing?

We began investing in multifamily through Apogee Capital in 2019. We have acquired four commercial properties all of which are either meeting or exceeding projected NOI and cash flow. Our team also includes partners, advisors, attorney, lender and property manager who have decades of cumulative experience that brings value and reduces risk in each deal we pursue.

How risky is multifamily investing?

Any investment has risk and the largest risk in multifamily is the syndication team who is sponsoring the deal. When managed by competent syndicators, multifamily is shown to produce the highest returns for the lowest risk (Sharpe Ratio) when compared to other real estate assets and is much less volatile than the stock market.



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